An Alumni Spotlight on Madeline Lieber ('17)

When you speak with Madeline Lieber (‘17), there are two things that are quite clear from the start: she knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. Madi’s performance as the President of Student Agencies, her early career successes, and her continued support for Student Agencies all serve as a testament to her determination and commitment to success.

As a sophomore transfer student from St. Lawrence University, Madi was attracted to Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. At Cornell, she was involved in her social sorority and developed her own chapter of a women’s nonprofit known as Circle of Women which raises money to build schools, dorms, and technology programs for girls in developing nations. However, her most impactful experience at Cornell kicked off when the Director of HR at Student Agencies spotted her at Club Fest and said “You look like someone who wants to be their own boss!” In 2014, Madeline was hired as Campus Promotions General Manager.During her time as general manager of Campus Promotions, Madi worked to modernize the business and diversify its revenue sources. One of the most significant projects Madi led was the revitalization of The Gorge. In addition to the work on The Gorge, Madi and her team were behind the proposal to consult and market for Student Agencies Foundation, allowing students to connect and stay updated with what is going on at SAF. Finally, Madi organized the formation of a consulting division of Campus Promotions that is still a large source of revenue to this day. Having redeveloped the Campus Promotions business, Madi decided to continue her tenure at Student Agencies by applying for the President’s role.

As President, Madi’s top priority was to keep Student Agencies on a positive trajectory throughout the eHub development project in which she also became involved. To transition the business operations in alignment with the new eHub operating space, Madi and her CTO had to modernize the use of technology at Student Agencies. At the time, there was no protocol for storing files online, creating difficulties in identifying important documents across the years. By transitioning to Microsoft Office’s 365 for email and document storage, the team was able to create an accessible virtual workspace to smooth issues with lost files, dropped institutional knowledge, and turnover access issues. Madi, along with the CTO, also installed a Shoretel phone system that remains in use to this day.

In addition to these technological changes, Madi was critical in the renovation of the eHub space at 409 College Ave, similar to what the SAI real estate team is working on now with The Student Agencies Building (411-415) redevelopment project. Madi was involved in aspects of the development ranging from city meetings to picking out furniture, supporting onsite construction, and working on the logistics of the move, all while ensuring the businesses continued to operate smoothly. Despite these challenges, seeing the impact of the eHub renovation and the new collaborative working space it provided Student Agencies was something Madi was truly proud of.

Despite finishing her role as President in 2016, Madi remained very involved in Student Agencies. Madi is currently our youngest board member and has been critical in providing advice to many of our businesses. After graduating from Cornell, Madi accepted a full-time job at Google originally working as an Associate Account Strategist. She moved into the consulting space with Google Ads, and then finally into program management where she spent the past 2 years building learning programs for Google Cloud engineers. Just this past month, Madi started her new job developing programs for Facebook’s Global Product Management function!

Madi’s experience with SAI has impacted her personally and professionally throughout her life after Cornell. She created “lifelong friendships” with the entire team, but most specifically, two of her best friends from SAI are still her best friends now—Cyara New (’18) and Sarah Griffin (’17). In addition to the personal relationships she gained, Madi learned critical business and soft skills that have allowed her to rapidly rise through the ranks at Google. In addition to this, through her SAI experience, Madi was already very familiar with the type of culture, leaders, and coworkers she wanted to surround herself with post-grad, which helped her choose Google to start her career. Because of her SAI experience, Madi was set up for success post-graduation, with solid professional skill sets and a great group of close friends.

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