An Introduction to Stefano Priante ('21), Director of Marketing

Stefano Priante (’21) has always been known by his friends and colleagues to be quite career-focused and ambitious. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Stefano was drawn to attend Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations because he believes it was his best academic option in order to pursue his dream of becoming a sports agent. This goal of his was also strongly influenced by his parents. “Watching my mom and dad sacrifice a lot has driven me to go above and beyond in everything I do and strive to pay them back in the long run,” he shares.

When he first arrived at Cornell, Stefano was not yet familiar with Student Agencies. He remembers his close friend Peter Gribizis (’21) interviewing for the position of Assistant Manager for Hired Hands Moving Company but did not consider applying himself until his sophomore year, during which Peter became president of the company. Stefano did more research on the positions available and decided to apply for the Director of Marketing role, having marketing work before. He enjoys playing an active role in shaping the image of Student Agencies. “I drive the brand and message that we send out to Cornell students, both overall as SAI and within each agency,” Stefano explains. “I’ve had the opportunity to learn about digital marketing and by immersing myself, I’ve learned how to design things in a better way.”

Though the role has rewarded him unique flexibility and the opportunity to be a voice of strategy, it has also challenged him to use his creativity to solve real problems and connect with the correct audience. Stefano recalls how difficult it was to get SAI’s newest agency, Student Agencies Tutoring (SAT), off the ground this past year, “Getting that first client was a big challenge because we were so brand new and such a different company with a totally different market. I had to use a different approach from all the other agencies and probably spent my first month and a half solely working on SAT.” On the bright side, he adds, “SAT was the reason why we really started getting into digital marketing which was great for us as a company.”

As Director of Marketing, the core of what Stefano does is connect Student Agencies with people– and make them want to connect with us. This is just one of many valuable skills he has learned during his time at SAI that he will be sure to apply throughout his career. “I think being an impactful part of SAI and having the ability to run part of a real business that produces real profits and revenues has been a significant part of what I’ve done. Being a part of something bigger than myself, I’ve learned a lot of responsibility, tested my self-efficacy, and seen how much I’ve grown as a professional.” From interacting with fellow team members as well as the professional staff, Stefano feels confident that he will be able to navigate the corporate world with ease as a sports agent in the future.

Stefano has equally optimistic prospects for the future of SAI’s marketing strategy and looks forward to training his successor on principles of digital marketing and the importance of maintaining a cohesive brand image. He sees digital marketing becoming increasingly key for several agencies, especially Campus Promotions (CP), which has expanded its line of services this year to include social media management and brand ambassador programs. SAT will also, in his opinion, want to capitalize on its digital presence and use this type of marketing to continue building the business. Lastly, Stefano looks forward to wrapping up promotional materials for the upcoming Student Agencies 125th Anniversary Gala Event, which will be held Saturday, November 9th, from 10am-3pm at Brasserie 8 ½ in Midtown Manhattan. Stefano has played a substantial role in the planning of the event. “I’ve had the opportunity to help organize the event and I look forward to seeing everything come together. It will be great to meet alumni and see everyone reconnecting and celebrating the legacy of SAI.” If you are interested in attending the Gala, please take a moment to register here.

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