A Letter from Incoming SAF President and Chairwoman Sharon Dauk (MBA '89)

Dear all,

I am honored and excited to begin serving as President and Chairwoman of Student Agencies Foundation. I first became involved with Student Agencies, Inc. in 1986 through a fellowship at the Johnson Graduate School of Management. I served as a full-time consultant for the student managers at SAI, advising the team and providing oversight during my time as an MBA student. It was during this time that I first met Michael Karangelen (‘90) who was then the Manager of the refrigerator rental business before he became President in 1989. Having served with Michael in various capacities related to Student Agencies, I have seen first-hand the tremendous impact he has had on our organization. It is as a result of his steady leadership and vision that SAF has grown to be one of the leading organizations for student entrepreneurship. His commitment to all things Student Agencies has always been grounded in his belief and commitment to the Mission, which is dedicated to providing Cornell students with the extraordinary opportunity to gain practical experience starting and running businesses while earning a substantial portion of the cost of a Cornell education. It is my humble honor to take the reins and it is my intent for SAF to continue the great work he has championed over the past many years he has served as President. Thank You, Michael!

Looking forward as I begin my new role, it is in many way like picking up where I left off. While serving as the Consultant from 1987-1989, I oversaw the redevelopment of 409 College Avenue, which now houses eHub along with commercial tenants on the first floor and student apartments on the fourth floor. As you know, Student Agencies Properties (SAP) serves as our endowment of sorts and therefore it is crucial that we strengthen and maintain that endowment. After more than 30 years, we are committed to that effort with the planned redevelopment of 411-15 College Avenue. As President of the Foundation as well as a member of the SAP redevelopment committee, I will be intimately involved in helping oversee and guide this most important effort. More details to follow in the coming months.

Over the 30 plus years during which I have served as a member of the Board of Directors of SAI and SAP and more recently as Trustee of SAF, I have had the pleasure of furthering our mission of providing experiential learning and entrepreneurship opportunities for Cornell students and watching Student Agencies evolve into what is now a multimillion-dollar corporation. During my time as a board member, I have worked with my colleagues to establish the eHub, which is located on floors 2 and 3 of 409 College Avenue, the startup accelerator programs eLab and Life Changing Labs in collaboration with Entrepreneurship at Cornell, which has since launched many successful companies. Most recently, SAF has also served as a leading founder of the Student Run Business Association, which I look forward to helping to develop into a mentorship resource student-run businesses across the Country. Most importantly, I will strive to continue to guide our organization to provide as many opportunities for Cornell students to grow, learn and gain valuable real-world experience that will aid them in their future endeavors.


Sharon Dauk (MBA '89)

Chairwoman and President

Student Agencies Foundation

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