An Introduction to Chief Technology Officer Simon Olschansky

Chief Technology Officer Simon Olschansky ('21) from Phoenix, AZ, is a sophomore in the College of Engineering pursuing a degree in Material Science. Outside of SAI, Simon leads an active lifestyle and loves hiking and exercising in general. He also has a passion for music and plays the guitar.

Simon transferred to Cornell his sophomore year from Arizona State University in pursuit of a more robust Material Science program. He quickly became friends with most of the fellow transfer students in the College of Engineering, which was how he originally learned about SAI. After attending several information sessions, Simon decided to apply to be the Chief Technology Officer, as he was fascinated by the intersection between business and engineering that characterizes this position. He was also drawn to the position as he was looking to branch out in general and seek more opportunities to become well-rounded.

Another aspect of SAI that Simon appreciates is the entrepreneurial atmosphere. As the son of an entrepreneur, Simon has loved the innovation and problem-solving aspects of entrepreneurship for as long as he can remember. His entrepreneurial drive has served him well as CTO, where his main challenge is finding unique solutions to meet the technical needs of each of the agencies. A large part of his position as CTO is trial and error and learning as he goes. While this process has been painstaking, it has also been one of his favorite parts about his role as CTO in addition to the marketing aspect of the role. Simon has enjoyed working with the different agencies, particularly Big Red Shipping and Storage and Student Agencies Tutoring, to roll out new digital marketing strategies and platforms.

One of Simon’s biggest accomplishments so far this year was integrating the different agencies’ Google AdWords and Facebook Business Manager accounts into one cohesive platform. In addition, he has been an integral part of the development of Student Agencies Tutoring, helping them get their first couple of clients. Looking forward, Simon envisions even more growth of digital marketing for SAI. He is also quite excited to start expanding market and consumer research for all the agencies, especially as Campus Promotions has begun to integrate this into their services.

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