Alumni Spotlight: Turk Anwar

Turk Anwar (Economics in Arts & Sciences ‘15) began his Student Agencies experience as General Manager of Big Red Shipping and Storage (BRSS) in 2013. He went on to become the Real Estate Manager in 2014 and then was promoted to President in 2015. Turk initially became involved in SAI after he faced rejection during the business fraternity recruitment cycle. Unlike the business fraternities, Student Agencies looked past his lack of professional polish and valued his initiative and past management experience.

While Turk enjoyed his time working as Real Estate manager, he was most interested in operations and tech. As President, he worked tirelessly on his passion project of making the Big Red operations, which previously used manual and segmented processes, entirely digital. Turk and his Chief Technology Officer, Marc Baselga ‘16, went through the process of building a business case, identifying existing pain points, prioritizing functional and UX requirements, consulting with third party developers, and pitching to SAI’s Board of Directors for a sizeable investment in a full stack platform that would help restructure and modernize the business.

After graduating in 2015, Turk joined Domino’s Executive Pipeline Program, where he went from managing his own store in Phoenix to overseeing 6 stores and nearly 220 employees as a district manager in Baltimore. During his first two years at Domino’s, Turk learned the inherent difficulties of the QSR industry from the ground up.

In Turk’s current role, he works as a product manager under the company’s retail technology and innovation arm. He considers it a fantastic time to be at Domino’s, which last year achieved #1 market share in the United States and the world for pizza delivery. Innovation at Domino’s requires the ability to lead quick and agile development in an extremely operations-driven environment, which Turk relates back to his experience with SAI and BRSS.

Working on the retail technology team, Turk is specifically tasked to develop and deploy strategies for innovating and optimizing the brand’s delivery experience. Domino’s is focusing heavily on autonomous delivery in an effort to introduce a new service method for its customers. Turk spearheaded two autonomous vehicle (AV) pilot launches last year in Las Vegas and Miami, where the company was able to gain valuable data that is currently being leveraged to help optimize the autonomous delivery experience for consumers. This information will help shape the company’s ultimate AV strategy for when the technology becomes a viable reality.

Turk’s advice for current SAI managers is to not lose sight of academics while managing a full-time job and classes. He encourages students to work diligently in their roles and hone their ability to interact with people as it has helped him tremendously in his management roles since graduation. “Your four years at Cornell go far too quickly and the skills you gain during your undergraduate career will stick with you for the rest of your life.”

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