Student Executive Spotlight: Grace Rieflin

In celebration of the final submission of the Cornellian, this eNews is featuring Grace Rieflin (CALS '20), the Editor-In-Chief (EIC) of the 2019 book. Grace hails from sunny Charleston, South Carolina, and is majoring in Information Science in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. Grace began her journey with SAI as a design editor for the Cornellian yearbook, an opportunity she sought out the spring of her freshman year. Grace arrived at Cornell aware of her passion for creating yearbooks after serving as EIC in high school for two years.

Acting as EIC in high school, Grace took an interest in product management and the overall publication process, which pulled her to the Cornellian. She has found many intersections of working on the Cornellian with her major, Information Science. Grace truly enjoys information science for its visual and design-oriented applications and appreciates the diverse paths it could take her. One of her favorite moments was when, freshman year, Grace realized through her Python class that computer and information science was something she could see herself doing for the rest of her life. Just like her deep focus on editing the pages of the Cornellian, she has found similar love for spending hours writing lines of code.

As for finally having submitted the yearbook, Grace is extremely excited to send it off. She takes deep personal pride in the Cornellian, which has translated to quite a few long nights in eHub to piece it all together. While Grace's perfectionism might let her spend forever tweaking minuscule aspects of the book, going through the final versions of the pages has built up the excitement for seeing it in print. Grace's favorite part of the yearbook is creating pages with her designs, and the suspension is building until the moment she receives the printed version of the yearbook.

Grace has grown immensely since starting as EIC - it was not always easy, but she knows that she has become a truly effective leader from these experiences. Furthermore, the entrepreneurial energy of eHub has genuinely inspired her and taught her to love working on fast-paced teams. When asked about her happiest moments as Editor-In-Chief, Grace looks back at these past few weeks of sending in the final submissions. Every day, when Grace walks into the eHub office is a joyous moment for her, as each day her vision gets closer and closer to coming to life.

As she leaves her position as Editor-In-Chief, the advice she has for those who will fill her shoes is that they have the opportunity to build an entire editorial staff of amazingly talented students - use them, love them, and plan ahead!

While Grace might be vacating the Cornellian, she is not leaving the SAI team just yet! She is transitioning to serving as the Executive Director of Human Resources. Grace is excited to shift her focus and enthusiasm to her favorite part of working at SAI: our people! Grace loves how the SAI team is already so supportive of one another. Having seen a few iterations of SAI teams, Grace thinks that we'll have a lot of fun and have a truly prosperous and productive year ahead.

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