New Manager Spotlight: Luca Greenspun

Luca Greenspun (‘21) is a sophomore majoring in Communications in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Luca found out about SAI from Nico Capalongo (‘20), the former Real Estate General Manager, who is also from Ithaca, New York and attended Ithaca High School with Luca. When first joining Student Agencies, Luca was most interested in BRSS because he appreciated the room for experimentation and growth within the company’s operations. Luca’s passion for talking and working with people made the service-based nature of Big Red extremely alluring.

Luca has lived his whole life in Ithaca -- his family has resided here since the forties. A true “townie,” Luca was born only four miles outside of town and calls himself “a real Ithaca guy.” As a youth, Luca loved to explore the city, walking around with his friends and spending time in the hidden gems of Ithaca. Luca jokes that he spent more time outside or hanging out with friends than sitting in class or doing homework. For his freshman year of college, Luca went to SUNY Albany; however, he decided to apply to Cornell for the last three years of college because he felt that Cornell would be a better opportunity for him.

While he has been enjoying Cornell so far, it has provided Luca with a new set of challenges. He has found that attending a school where he knows many people who live in the area can be distracting at times; he is right down the street from friends from high school, or his family members. Luca is working to balance his personal life and his academic life, especially when he enjoys going to see his family when he should be studying.

Hailing from Ithaca, while presenting a few challenges, has also benefited him a great deal in his General Manager position of Big Red. Luca came to the job already knowing how to get from different places efficiently, eliminating the learning curve many Big Red managers must face when they first start the job. Luca has appreciated helping his co-manager Andres Antonsson (‘21) get a better grasp of the city and has enjoyed sharing his love for Ithaca with him.

While Luca and Andres have had a great deal of fun on the job, they have an efficient working relationship as well. Luca describes their communication skills to be quite effective, and as a team, they know when to trade talking about favorite songs in the van for putting their heads down and getting to work. Luca says he truly appreciates Andres’ eagerness to put in his time and effort, as well as Andres’ attention to detail and work ethic. Luca’s favorite aspect of working at SAI thus far has been the hands-on work experience it has provided him. While every day is a learning opportunity for him, it is also a chance for him to come to the office and create life-long friendships and bonds with the other managers, people who have a variety of backgrounds and interests but share a common passion for working at SAI.

The biggest obstacle that the Big Red team has encountered this year was facing December peak with drastically few appointments for their services. The team was hoping for above sixty, and early on they only had thirteen. To solve this, Luca and his team kept a level head, taking a closer look at marketing strategies but also riding the course. In the end, their team met their budget goals, and Luca acquired the ability to not be alarmed or worried by underperformance, and to instead find the root of issue and to solve the problem. Overcoming this challenge was a great success that the new Big Red team enjoyed early-on and supplied an invigorating victory to start the new year. In the year to come, Luca is most excited about the possibility of success and the fantastic potential the job provides. As the Big Red team dives into this new year, Luca is passionate about what’s to come. Inspired by the many opportunities in reach, Luca is excited about the chance to analyze Big Red’s current system and to discover ways to refine it to optimize profitability and revenue.

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