An Introduction to Arianna and Jordan of Student Agencies Tutoring

Student Agencies, Inc. is excited to announce we are launching a new business in 2019: a tutoring service called Student Agencies Tutoring! Student Agencies Tutoring (SAT) is led by its two General Managers, Arianna Kohilakis (College of Human Ecology ‘22) and Jordan Foster (College of A&S ‘21). From Rye Brook, New York, Arianna is a freshman majoring in Policy Analysis and Management with a minor in Business. Jordan is a sophomore from East Hampton, New York, majoring in Asian Studies and minoring in Business. The SAT management team was heavily involved in tutoring long before attending Cornell, which contributes to their expertise and skills as managers. During high school, Arianna was a student tutor and founded her school’s DECA chapter, which taught her entrepreneurship and the basics of business. After receiving his Cornell admission, Jordan started his own tutoring service, which naturally inspired him to apply to manage Student Agencies Tutoring.

Since beginning their positions, the team has expressed how impressed they have been with the numerous hands-on opportunities they have been presented to involve themselves in every facet of the business, from budgeting to designing marketing materials. While they have been faced with a bounty of rewarding learning experiences, the team has faced a few

obstacles, the largest being establishing a dependable and loyal customer base, especially for a company that they are building from the ground up. They expected the acquisition of customers to be quite smooth, however, competition with other more established and trusted services has inhibited this process. The team is not intimidated by this adversity, however: they hope to see success as they continue experimenting with marketing strategies. 

With a few obstacles has also come success. Jordan and Arianna have retained a strong tutoring team with impressive credentials, experience, and skills. Hiring this solid base of skilled tutors from diverse backgrounds will reinforce the foundation Arianna and Jordan have worked this past semester to build and has the potential to propel Student Agencies Tutoring even further in the years to come. 
 Arianna and Jordan complement each other well as co-managers: they both have a primary focus on different areas of the business, but provide oversight and support for each other. They have helped each other maintain a level-headed mindset throughout running SAT, motivated by a common drive to see the business succeed. After working to lay its groundwork, Arianna is excited to share their tutoring services with the public, to see how clients interact with their tutors and product offerings. Jordan is eager for the finalization of their tutoring curriculum and the business’s transition to group tutoring classes this spring. The team is eager to continue on with their ventures, to see where their new business and tutoring strategies will take them, and to enjoy the growth and success that will hopefully follow!

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