SAI Alumni Spotlight: Laura Bach

Laura Bach (’16) has traveled a long way, both geographically and metaphorically since her time as General Manager of the Cornellian in 2013. Currently residing in Uganda, since graduating from the School of Industrial and Labor Relations two years ago, Laura is serving as a Peace Corps volunteer.

While many students dive directly into their professional careers upon graduation from Cornell, Laura knew she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to explore the world and to have a lasting impact before attending Harvard Law School. She is passionate about merging her business skills and her upcoming corporate law education upon graduation from Harvard. Following her father’s footsteps, Laura has spent her time educating children in Uganda and facilitating the introduction of technology to their everyday activities, which has drastically streamlined many of the school’s fundamental processes. For example, the introduction of Microsoft Word and Excel has enabled students to keep records and complete mathematics projects. Laura fondly remembers becoming an expert in this software during her time at Student Agencies, actively creating models to track finances and customer orders.

Laura was primarily drawn to her role at Student Agencies to gain hands-on business experience, which she considers to be unparalleled to the internship opportunities offered to her during her sophomore summer. Laura considers working at SAI a truly unique chance to run a real and profitable company by making decisions that will impact the bottom line through the autonomous learning experience. Along with her teammates, Laura learned and worked through the critical skills of communication and equally delegating tasks despite various working styles. The enduring relationships and strong bonds Laura fostered throughout her time at Student Agencies have proven to be a valuable support system for her subsequent endeavors as well. Laura fondly looks back at her time at SAI, where she got to learn, fail, and succeed alongside her closest friends, an opportunity highlighted by the afternoon in which she received the first copies of the Cornellian straight off the delivery truck and then went out for ice cream with her fellow managers to celebrate.

And to the current student managers at SAI, Laura believes that, by being a part of Student Agencies, you have established that you're an individual who enjoys challenges, autonomy, responsibility, and making the most out of life. This skill set and your experience as a manager prepares you for so many "next steps" in various fields. While the professional opportunities open to

Cornell students are endless, Laura urges student managers to explore more unconventional choices where their experience at Student Agencies would be an equally valuable asset, such as Teach For America, the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or NGO work. Laura advises, “With a foundation at Student Agencies, you have the skills to travel the world and make your life as unique and vibrant as it can possibly be, and I would challenge you to step away from the herd for a year or two and, with your "next step", continue the path you've begun with Student Agencies of unique, incredible choices.”

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