An Introduction to Current General Manager of the Cornellian Yearbook, Liam Cushen

Liam Cushen (‘21) is a sophomore pursuing a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering with minors in English and Business. Hailing from Westchester, New York, Liam’s favorite novel is Fahrenheit 451, and you can most likely find him sipping from a 7-Eleven Big Gulp Diet Coke.

While he currently serves as the General Manager of the Cornellian Yearbook, within the first few weeks of his freshman year in 2017, Liam started as the Assistant Manager of Campus Promotions. Liam then transitioned to Director of Marketing for Big Red Shipping and Storage (BRSS) out of a desire to help the Big Red team during their May peak, where he learned to work with agility in a fast-paced company.

After BRSS’s peak, Liam spent the summer collaborating with Lucas Goldman, the outgoing 2018 President, on jumpstarting Student Agencies Tutoring. Working with Student Agencies Tutoring differentiated itself from other SAI businesses; the tutoring venture was more entrepreneurial in spirit and included different aspects of a company including market research, product testing, and bootstrapping the project to get it off the ground. Liam noted that with the past SAI businesses he worked with, he had to manage companies that were already established at SAI. However, with Student Agencies Tutoring, he was working with Lucas to lay the foundation for the company. In the fall of 2018, he resumed his current position as the General Manager of the Cornellian Yearbook.

Liam considers his current role to be an excellent experience in which he has grown more accustomed to working with company financials, analyzing important metrics, and utilizing this knowledge to drive informed business decisions. Liam attributes many of the skills he uses today to his time as Assistant Manager of Campus Promotions and Director of Marketing for BRSS; he came to the Cornellian well-prepared in the creation, distribution, and utilization of different advertising and marketing strategies. Liam also procured a versatile skill-set in effective communication, negotiating with clients, and workplace etiquette.

In 2019, Liam is very excited to work with the new SAI team. While sad to lose the old managers with whom he has grown quite close, Liam looks forward to forging strong connections and close friendships with the new managers. Serving as General Manager of the Cornellian this coming year, Liam has a year full of promise ahead and looks forward to a successful term. His love for Student Agencies is apparent in his dedication to the success of not only the Cornellian but to the continued prosperity of the entire organization. Liam says that, as an engineer, SAI has given him a breadth of skills and friendships that he would not have otherwise.

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