eLab Announces Class of 2019 Startups

We are excited to introduce this year’s eLab cohort! We can’t wait to see what great things these businesses accomplish with the support and mentorship eLab offers. Here is a brief introduction to all the start-ups:

ArcAffinity - ArcAffinity helps internship coordinators at medium to large tech companies improve their intern success and retention rates.

Bright Citizen - Bright Citizen is crafting an innovative coffee, infused with Saffron, and returning 50% of profits to empower and educate women in developing countries.

Clyde & Rayhan - Clyde & Rayhan enables commercial insurance agents to streamline brokering to serve small accounts quickly and cheaply so they can focus their energy on larger accounts.

Ethichain - Ethichain enables the world’s largest apparel brands to adopt an ethical supply chain by assuring their products are free of child and slave labor.

Housekept - Housekept optimizes the hotel housekeeping process to improve the efficiency and productivity for guests, housekeepers, managers, and the finance/operations staff.

Ivy Start - IvyStart is a co-living network for entrepreneurial people that is launching a new service to support digital nomads.

Incite - Incite helps cardiologists analyze and monitor their patient’s passive smart technology data to identify intervention points and prevent them from becoming high risk.

Liyanga - Liyanga formulates and manufactures natural hair products for afro-textured hair to make hair-washing routines simpler.

Noozit! - Noozit! provides readers with a cheaper way to read news from multiple publishers.

Religio - Religio helps churches better connect and manage their parishioners to engage and retain church members.

Response - Response helps procurement officers at nonprofits purchase life-saving supplies twice as fast by automating tendering, the procurement process underpinning the majority of charity purchases.

Shipfair - Shipfair makes shipping more equitable by matching extra luggage space with apparel manufacturers in emerging markets.

Smart Rest - Smart Rest is an innovative solution to prevent pressure ulcers for bedridden and elderly individuals.

Strauss - Strauss delivers an online portal to simplify the process of purchasing life insurance and empowers individuals to better understand their options and make purchases.

Timeline - University students leverage Timeline to form connections that assist with career development and recruiting.

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