An Introduction to Incoming SAI President Peter Gribizis

Peter Gribizis (‘21) is a sophomore in the College of Engineering and the incoming President of SAI. Before being selected as President, Peter applied and interviewed for roles with SAI. during two different recruitment cycles before finally receiving an assistant manager offer this past March. Even though Peter did not initially receive an offer, undergoing the recruitment process the first time made Peter even more excited about SAI. When he applied the second time, he felt more motivated and prepared.

Peter’s resilience and dedication earned him Director of Logistics for Big Red Shipping & Storage and Hired Hands Moving Company, a position which has strongly impacted him. Exposure to the businesses of SAI has motivated Peter to switch majors from Physics and Economics in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences to Operations Research in the College of Engineering. Additionally, Peter now considers the entire SAI team to be his friends and role models, and he cited this strong bond as his primary motivation for running for President of SAI.

Peter’s strong work ethic stems from his upbringing in Portland, Maine as the son of Greek immigrants. When his parents moved to the United States in the early 1990s, they had a suitcase apiece and no money. Both had attended colleges back in Europe, but their lack of fluency in English rendered their degrees useless. They had no choice but to work two to three menial jobs each as they learned the language, hardly sleeping in order to support Peter and his sister. Now, Peter's parents are making use of their degrees with successful careers – still working hard to give their children the best life possible.

Peter admires the work ethic of his presidential predecessor and mentor, Lucas Goldman (‘20): “I’m inspired to push boundaries because I see Lucas do it every day.” Working for Big Red Shipping & Storage under General Managers Max Child (‘20) and Claire Stewart (‘20) also taught Peter a lot about effective management. Peter witnessed “two different management styles working in unison and being effective,” contradicting his previous conception of one "right” style of leadership. This experience changed Peter’s perspective, and he believes he will be a stronger leader because of it.

Peter’s main goals for his presidency revolve around growing and optimizing the SAI businesses. He is eager to develop Student Agencies Tutoring, SAI’s first new business in several years, and he hopes to establish Campus Promotions within the digital advertising market. He also plans to address the growing pains of BRSS and HHMC before their peaks to develop strategies for optimal efficiency and ensure that the businesses can handle further expansion.

Peter urges future managers to “come in with the mentality that this place is now your own and your team’s.” He emphasized the unique opportunity general managers have, to leave direct, tangible impacts on their businesses. “The sooner you come to believe that, the more you’ll get out of this experience.”

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