An Introduction to Current Campus Promotions Manager Willow Bailon

Willow Bailon (’20), general manager of Campus Promotions, is a rising junior in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management from Armonk, NY. When Willow first heard about Student Agencies from a prior manager, she saw a unique opportunity to create value and gain practical experience beyond involvement within clubs on campus. As a real job, the general manager position has exposed Willow to an office setting with frequent tasks and deadlines, given her profit and loss responsibility, and taught her how to work closely with a co-manager to maintain smooth operations.

Outside of the office, Willow enjoys reading – especially the news and other non-fiction works – and exploring. Spending the summer in Ithaca has allowed her to become familiar with Ithaca’s geography, while meeting with hundreds of potential clients through her work with Campus Promotions introduced her to Ithaca's vibrant scene of local businesses. She loved visiting Ithaca's diverse array of restaurants, especially when the business owners brightened her day with a delicious snack. Willow also spent several weeks of the summer traveling throughout Europe, exploring Budapest, Prague, Vienna, and France.

Next summer, Willow looks forward to pursuing banking through an internship with Citi. Throughout the recruitment process, she constantly discussed her work at Student Agencies. Her interviewers were fascinated by her unique experiences running a business as an undergraduate student, a change of pace from the usual conversations about class projects: “talking about running a business proves much more than talking about a group project that a hundred students in my school also completed.” Working in a professional environment next summer will be nothing new for Willow, who appreciates SAI as having been “a great way to slowly start immersing [herself] in a professional environment while still attending school.”

Willow is grateful that she was able to round out her Cornell experience through her involvement with Student Agencies while forming and strengthening friendships along the way.

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