Introduction to eLab Startup: Doplr

Doplr is changing the way teams work together. This team analytics tool uses information from team sites, like Slack and Trello, to provide insights for leaders on how to improve their teams. Doplr is unique because it uses tools that have only recently become available; it takes data from instant messaging and other collaboration applications and supplements it with research to provide real time analytics on how teams are working with one another and what they can do to improve.

Founders Maya Carmeli (MILR ’18) and Cory Pisano met as undergraduates. Maya has a background in Human Resources and just completed her masters in Industrial and Labor Relations. Cory, who has worked as an electrical engineer, experienced first-hand the various problems that can arise in a team environment. Maya and Cory meshed their skills to create Doplr.

At its core, Doplr is a software driven data-analytics tool. The software they have developed looks at the data from various project tools and then measures it against the vectors of an effective team. Doplr makes cross company comparisons, maps the data out and can compare one team to the rest of the industry. Additionally, the software has predictive components, for example, outlining how bringing on a new team member may impact the current dynamic.

eLab helped the founders determine and solidify the problem Doplr would address. Prior to the start of eLab, Maya and Cory focused on customer discovery. Coming from an HR background, Maya initially saw the problem from an HR, big-company perspective. Maya and Cory entered eLab thinking Doplr would help to solve issues within the HR department and serve as a tool to improve effectiveness in resolving problems. Upon beginning eLab, Ken Rother, the Managing Director for eLab, pushed Maya and Cory to think more and figure out where the problem really lies. Maya and Cory found that it wasn't necessarily HR with a problem but more so the managers working daily with the team and dealing first hand with inefficiencies and conflicts. Moreover, Maya and Cory found that big problems arise in fast-growing start-up companies, with rapid hiring changing the culture of the company and team. eLab provided coaching and resources to help Doplr be effective in their journey.

Maya and Cory are currently piloting Doplr with 5 companies, testing tools on internal teams. Ultimately, they hope to see their software helping larger organizations. Doplr looks at the mechanisms of how people work and the drivers of employee happiness and engagement, some unique factors we haven’t been able to see before. To check out Doplr's website click here!

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