An Introduction to Current Hired Hands Manager CJ Rhan

After working in the field for Hired Hands Moving Company during his freshman year, CJ Rhan ('20) decided he wanted to become more involved and take on additional responsibilities within Student Agencies. He recognized a unique opportunity to gain real-world work experience while also attending college and applied for the Hired Hands General Manager position, which he ended up being selected for.

Originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia, CJ appreciates Ithaca's less distracting environment, which allows him to focus on work and school. CJ, a sophomore in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, plans to concentrate in Accounting and Business Analytics.

In addition to his work with Student Agencies, CJ enjoys sports and running. He previously played on a club soccer team at Cornell, and he referees for basketball teams regionally as an intramural sports supervisor. With one marathon and two half marathons already under his belt, CJ continues to train for long-distance runs. His status as an Eagle Scout reflects this same determination. For his final volunteer project in high school, CJ gave back to his community in Virginia by building an outdoor classroom at a local elementary school.

As CJ prepares for Hired Hand's peak season this summer, he looks forward to spending time outside on jobs and throughout the scenic Ithaca area. Looking ahead, CJ plans to get his CPA and pursue a career in accounting. He appreciates the applicable communication and management skills which he has developed through his work with Hired Hands: "getting three workers in a truck to New York City to complete a move is harder than you think." To succeed as general manager, CJ must stay organized and pay attention to details, two important skills for an accountant.

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