Featured eLab Start-up: Antithesis Foods

Do you love food? Do you also love nutritious and healthy meals? Then, Antithesis Foods might be the eLab startup for you. Formed in Ithaca, NY in 2017, Antithesis Foods reworks the typically unhealthy nature of snacks with a scrumptious twist.

Jason Goodman (PhD '20), co-founder of Antithesis Foods, is currently pursuing a PhD in Food Science at Cornell University. Reflecting on the conception of the young startup, Jason shares that Antithesis Foods began as a simple project in a Product Development class. The desire to solve a pressing problem persisted among Jason and his teammates and propelled the idea beyond the classroom. With little background in business, Jason and his teammates sought guidance through eLab to transform the notion of Antithesis Foods into a reality.

Central to the startup’s product line is the chickpea. Antithesis Foods harnesses the versatility of this base, varying texture and enhancing the chickpea with flavorful coatings to create chickpea bites, an indulgence that is both tasty and nourishing. Manufactured in portable packets, chickpea bites are perfect for those aiming to follow disciplined diets without sacrificing savory goodness. Ultimately, Antithesis Foods strives to introduce a snack recognizable for its deliciousness – even before its nutritional value, “[crafted] through all the best science.” To view the official website of Antithesis Foods, click here.

Prior to eLab, Jason explains that the team had no clear idea of its target customer. Through eLab, Jason and his team could engage in workshops and learn how to tell a story, how to form and structure a company, and how to condense a lengthy conversation into a 30-second business pitch. Above all, eLab armed Jason with the confidence to pursue his goals. “Just do it,” he urges, “don’t be afraid to start.”

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