Alumni Spotlight: Brooke Gerstein

Brooke Gerstein (’14), former Editor-in-Chief of The Cornellian, reflects fondly on her time as a student in the School of Hotel Administration and especially as an employee of Student Agencies Inc. Initially, Brooke shares, she was hoping to attend a warmer, sunnier university. However, in hindsight, she cherishes the “opportunity at Cornell, and the ability to experience anything [she] wanted to.”

Brooke refers to her time as Editor-in-Chief with Student Agencies as a “turning point, [and a] unique and powerful part of her Cornell experience,” allowing her to realize her ambitions through the guidance of mentors who believed in her and an amazing support network. She identifies the “self-starting attitude” of everyone at Student Agencies as a distinguishing feature – one that she continues to channel into her current ventures. Brooke has held short-term roles in consulting and marketing for smaller businesses but is now working towards the launch of a wine bar in Dallas, Texas. She hopes to tell an exciting, eclectic story through her knowledge of hospitality and create an atmosphere that is akin to “an extension of the living room.” Additionally, Brooke is collaborating with a fellow SHA alumnus to develop webinars that facilitate open dialogue with leaders in the hospitality industry.

After Cornell, Brooke proceeded to earn a Master’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies under the clear skies of the University of Southern California. In the future, she hopes to “leverage digital media to make wine a much more approachable topic,” an effort that will doubtlessly be appreciated by many.

To those presently involved with Student Agencies, Brooke advises: “continue to hone the networks [that you are offered, and] look into the past to innovate for the future.”

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