Jake Reisch Makes Forbes 30 Under 30

Considering Jake Reisch (‘15) graduated from Cornell only three years ago, it is remarkable what he has already accomplished. Always entrepreneurially minded, Reisch was inspired to start his first company by the “silent disco” fad, where partygoers listen to music individually transmitted via wireless headphones. His first company, Party Headphones, designs and produces headphones for silent discos.

Jake Reisch developed Party Headphones through the Student Agencies eLab. eLab provides startups with various modes of support, such as connections to various skilled and experienced mentors. When asked how eLab helped him with his first business venture, Reisch spoke highly of the caliber of advice and guidance provided to him by his mentors through the program. According to Reisch, “[He] came in with an idea and a lot of ambition and eLab surrounded [him] with the mentors and the advice to put it into play.” Reisch ventured so far as to say that “without eLab, there was no shot of [them] being where [they] are today.” Party Headphones has garnered accolades from the Small Business Association and the Global Shapers program, among many others.

After recognizing a need for listening devices among the senior living community, Reisch branched out from Party Headphones and founded a second company, Eversound. Built on the principles of social entrepreneurship, Reisch started Eversound during a business plan competition in the Johnson School. Eversound strives to make the world a more hearing-loss-friendly place by helping seniors struggling with hearing loss engage in group activities. Though Eversound is a similar product to Party Headphones, it targets a drastically different market than the music-oriented youth who buy headphones for silent discos. Jake has experienced great success from both businesses, raising over $3 million in capital in 2016 alone from Red Bear Angels, 10X Venture Partners, and The Shelter Group.

Eversound earned Reisch a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. The Forbes 30 Under 30 nomination came as a shock to him and his team. Although exceedingly modest, Jake was very grateful that the team received acknowledgment for the hard work that they have been putting in. In response to receiving the award, Reisch said: “We are always humbled to receive acknowledgement from people who appreciate what we’re doing and love when people recognize opportunities to build a great company that is profitable and scalable but helps humans be better people and further humanity.”

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