An Introduction to Current Big Red Shipping and Storage Manager Claire Stewart

Claire Stewart (’20), a sophomore in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, is one of the current General Managers for Big Red Shipping and Storage (BRSS).

Claire's passion for business and entrepreneurship began in high school when she worked for her family's projection screen business. Over her freshman summer of high school, she worked twelve-hour days in the factory, learning about the production process and physically making screens. This initial exposure to entrepreneurship led her to pursue a business degree at Cornell.

Claire first heard about Student Agencies through an announcement in one of her classes and was immediately drawn to the idea of running her own business. Attending the information session reaffirmed her interest in working for Student Agencies. When the team began talking about BRSS, she learned that a woman had not run the company in nearly 10 years. A strong advocate for female empowerment, Claire realized then and there which business she was meant to work for. As General Manager of BRSS, Claire enjoys demonstrating that women can take on traditionally male roles and do the job just as well – if not better.

Through Student Agencies, Claire says she has been exposed to some of the most interesting, diverse people on campus. She has been able to learn a lot from both people and the job itself. BRSS has taught Claire to be confident in what she knows: "You oversee a business, so you need to stick up for that.”

Already, Claire can see how BRSS has prepared her for the future, giving her practical experiences to talk about as well as real profit and loss responsibility – something not many college students get to experience.

Her advice to other students would be to take advantage of all the opportunities that Cornell has to offer. For example, if you need help shipping or somewhere to store your things, reach out to Big Red Shipping and Storage here.

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