SAI Alumni Spotlight: Susan Chiang

Susan Chiang ('15) served as a General Manager of Hired Hands Moving Company during her freshman year at Cornell. She entered the university as a Mathematics and Economics double major but, after realizing she wanted to follow a more technical route, replaced Economics with Computer Science.

Growing up in Northern Virginia, Susan had always thought of herself as "entirely east coast." However, she quickly fell in love with the relaxed culture of the west coast after interning for Amazon in Seattle one summer.

When the time came to choose a full-time job, working at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California was a natural choice for Susan: "everything felt right in the work environment."

As a Software Engineer, Susan's job involves pricing Google ads. She attributes her strategic pricing skills in part to her experience pricing Hired Hands' jobs. As manager of Hired Hands, she had to research and compare the company to similar services offered in the area, distinguish what made it unique, and establish fair, justifiable prices for its services. Now she uses the same rationale in her work for Google.

Accepting an internship across the country helped Susan discover her appreciation for the west coast. She advises current SAI members to explore new places through internships and study abroad programs.

She also recommends taking classes of interest, especially outside of your major. Susan branched out from her Mathematics and Computer Science courses by taking Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics classes, two of her favorites. She regrets not taking more fun classes throughout her college career: “I always felt the need to take a lot of classes that didn’t really interest me but would look good on a resume or make other people take me seriously." Susan emphasizes the importance of trying new things to discover unrecognized passions.

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