Q&A with Cornellian Editor in Chief Karly Krasnow

Karly Krasnow ('18), a Communication major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is the Editor in Chief for the sesquicentennial edition of the Cornellian yearbook.

How did you get interested in design?

I’ve been involved in design since 7th grade when I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to enhance my photographs. Since then, I've further explored this passion by using other Adobe Creative Suite design products and joined my high school's yearbook team, for which I served as the editor-in-chief during my senior year. Since our advising teacher had to leave on emergency maternity leave, I had the opportunity to work directly with Walsworth, the yearbook publisher. Initially, I was overwhelmed with the entire process; I had to handle everything from ad sales to designing the theme, but in the end, my team and I pushed through and were able to produce a national award winning and ranked yearbook. This experience is what ultimately drew me towards the Cornellian.

What is the process that goes into making the Cornellian Yearbook?

A lot of planning! After hiring an incredibly talented and dedicated team last semester, we immediately started planning the content and design of this year's yearbook. Every page is meticulously prepared—everything from the copy to the photos to the page-specific layouts is designed to capture the Cornell experience.

What do you have planned for this year's Cornellian design?

This year's design will be very clean and minimalist in order to place more emphasis on the pictures and copy. Overall, our goal is to make the yearbook flow beautifully from one spread to the next, just like our time at Cornell.

What is this year's theme?

The theme of this year’s book is roots. "Roots" is a multi-dimensional word that represents Cornell in so many ways. At a base level, it serves as a tribute to the co-founders and guiding force of Cornell University, Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, who together established an incredible institution that continues to thrive today. It also serves as a representation of Ithaca's natural landscape and gorges; coming from Florida, a one season state, I saw the Cornellian as a great opportunity to share with our readers the incredible seasons that Cornell's campus goes through. Additionally, Cornell provides us the soil in which we root ourselves and grow over our four years here. Whether alive or dormant, roots spread over time into our lives metaphorically with the same seasons and feelings Cornell has instilled in many past generations.

What are your goals for this year's yearbook?

The yearbook is the only tangible keepsake that every senior will have; so, my goal is to make it meaningful, memorable, emotional, and impactful to the lives of every student, faculty, local business, and alumnus. The colors, symmetry, and design all serve as heartfelt representations of the years we spent together on this incredible campus. The yearbook represents a part of our live where we and the teachers will never age and the seasons are as vivid as the day we stepped foot on this campus.

Seniors: sign up for your senior portrait session and preorder this year's yearbook at www.cornellyearbook.com! Portrait sessions will be between October 11th-14th in Willard Straight Hall by appointment only – these are currently the only available dates to take photos this semester.

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