Introducing the 2018 SAI President Lucas Goldman

When it was announced at the beginning of August that Lucas Goldman (BS ’20) would be the 2018 president of SAI, Lucas, a self-proclaimed businessman at heart, was fully prepared to assume the position.

Lucas grew up with a business mentality, “I was always trying to sell whatever I could get my hands on from the age I could ride a bike—it started out with childish things like tennis balls and lemonade stands, and then turned into a company I started with my brother.” That company was Two Bros Work Crew, which started out with Lucas and his brother Zac Goldman (BA ’18) as a neighborhood odd jobs business. By the time Lucas graduated high school, Two Bros had escalated into a legitimate business with several employees, becoming both well regarded and profitable in their hometown of Needham, Massachusetts.

Upon making the transition to Cornell in the Dyson School for Applied Economics and Management, Lucas knew that he needed to find something to define his Cornell identity. That “thing” became Student Agencies. The year before Lucas arrived at Cornell, his older brother Zac ran Hired Hands Moving Company, and after some convincing, Lucas decided to apply for the same position for the 2017 term.

Becoming a manager of Hired Hands meant gaining maturity and learning responsibility on a vast scale very quickly. Lucas reminisced that “managing Hired Hands required working with older people and being their boss, which forced me to act older and more mature than I was.” He compares being a manager at Hired Hands akin to the job of an “on-call doctor” because whenever anything goes wrong (e.g., workers don’t show up for a job, a truck gets stuck on the side of the road during a move, etc.) he had to be ready to go do the job along with managing other responsibilities of the company.

Having his boots on the ground and getting his hands dirty with Hired Hands allowed Lucas to grow tremendously both professionally and personally. “As manager of Hired Hands, I saw the big challenge ahead of me like a mountain, but by putting everything into place, executing, and then seeing things move smoothly has given me the chance to look back and feel accomplished.” Now, he is ready to take the next step with Student Agencies to use that growth to implement change.

Lucas credits his brother, Zac, with "teaching me a strong work ethic." Zac, current Director of Strategy at SAI, regards Lucas's new role in the company with satisfaction, as he believes "Lucas is the right man for the job."

Additionally, Lucas looks to his predecessor, 2017 SAI President Luke Bushner (BS ’18) as an inspiration. “Luke leads by example and has been a great resource throughout my tenure as manager, and that is something I want to emulate for future managers.”

Student Agencies has been the highlight of Lucas’s college experience. For future managers working at Student Agencies, he advises “make the most of your experience and be very careful of complacency. Try to look beyond previous years and take advantage of the liberty that comes with running your own business.”

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