Q&A with SAI CFO Griffin Py

Hi Griffin, how did you first get involved in SAI?

I first became involved with SAI when I spoke to someone in my fraternity who worked at one of the businesses, who then introduced me to Madi Leiber, the president at the time. The former CFO was in my business fraternity, as well, so she was very keen on endorsing the opportunity for me to work at Student Agencies.

How has SAI shaped your experience at Cornell?

SAI has definitely become a central theme of my time at Cornell. It was the reason I stayed for the summer last year, which was a great chance to see Ithaca and upstate New York in general, and the people I work with make up some of my closest friends. Additionally, the professional development that the role provided, both with the hard skills developed and the helpful alumni network, was hugely helpful in my internship recruiting process.

What is the craziest part of your job at Student Agencies?

Budgeting season was probably the craziest few weeks of my job. Building the budgets for the six individual businesses of SAI, as well as those of SAF and SAP, definitely tested my mettle and endurance. The president, Luke Bushner, and I spent countless hours to ensure that we would have the most accurate budget possible.

What do you do in your free time, when you aren’t at the office in eHub?

Outside of the office, I spend a lot of time at the library, gym, and hanging out with friends. I am also an avid free-reader, currently enthralled in Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow, as well as an aspiring amateur chef.

What are your hopes for the coming year?

I hope to finish out my term as CFO strongly, completing my current projects and effectively training my future replacement.

How do you anticipate your time at Student Agencies will impact your future?

What I learned on the job will be incredibly helpful for my upcoming internship at Barclays. Student Agencies has provided me the unique ability to have true experience managing the financials of a company, something many people do not get to do until many years after college. I know that this experience will be beneficial to every job I have in the future.

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