Q&A with 2017 SAI President Luke Bushner

Hi Luke, can you tell me how you first got involved in SAI?

During the first semester my sophomore year, I decided that I wanted to become more involved on Cornell’s campus. I flirted with the idea of rushing a business fraternity and was close to deciding to pursue that, when a senior in my fraternity at dinner one day told me about his experience at Student Agencies, Inc. On a whim, I decided to apply. I discovered that it was an opportunity that would be incredibly beneficial to my professional development, and it fit perfectly within the context of my career goals. When I found myself selected to be a General Manager of Big Red Shipping & Storage, I could not have been more thrilled. SAI is one of the few organizations at Cornell that is formative, hands-on, and worthwhile.

How has SAI shaped your experience at Cornell?

My experience managing Big Red Shipping & Storage motivated me to switch from a Computer Science major to the more logistically oriented Operations Research & Information Engineering major. Additionally, the network I have gained from working some of Cornell’s best and brightest involved in SAI has given me a vast network of friends and future professionals.

What is the craziest story from your times on the job at SAI?

Probably August peak during my time as Big Red General Manager, because I didn’t sleep for two weeks straight besides quick, strategic naps on a bean bag in the office. We ordered in lots of food and got through the strenuous period, and everything turned out very well. Being in the office with my coworkers for such extensive periods of time definitely brought all of us closer and really made Student Agencies feel like a family.

What do you do in your free time, when you aren’t at the office in eHub?

I am in eHub for most of my time, that’s for sure. But one of my fun hobbies I do when I’m not in Ithaca is scuba-diving, which I do a few times a year. I also love aquatic life and go fishing whenever I can. Last summer, when I was working in Ithaca over summer, I did some fishing in Cayuga Lake. Other than that, I hang out with my fraternity brothers and try to go to class as often as possible.

Going back to your job as incoming President, what are your hopes for the coming year?

Most of my goals for this upcoming year are specific to certain businesses. I have a lot of goals for the organization, such as creating a more structured retention of knowledge year to year, creating an active alumni database, and incorporating more general professional development into the Student Agencies experience.

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