Dionisio D'Aguilar Wins Election

Dionisio D'Aguilar (BA '86, MBA '87), fondly known as “Dio” by his friends, served as General Manager of Real Estate at SAI in 1985, then became the Secretary Treasurer (a position now known as CFO) the following year. Dio served on the SAI Board of Directors from 1985-1996, the SAP Board of Directors from 1987-1995. He was elected as a member to the Student Agencies Foundation 1986, and he served as an SAF Trustee from 1989-2015.

In May, D'Aguilar won the vote for mayor to represent the town of Freetown in the Bahamas and was also appointed by the President of the Bahamas to serve as the nation’s Minister of Tourism and Aviation. In reaction to his big political win, D’Aguilar states “I am humbled and excited to be elected as the Member of Parliament for the Freetown Constituency for the Free National Movement, and look forward to working hand in hand with the community moving forward. I would like to express thanks to the thousands of constituents who supported me to make this victory possible. To my campaign team and volunteers, your incredible efforts have been rewarded and I am forever grateful for your sacrifices. To my loving family, your encouragement sustained my efforts every step of the way.”

D'Aguilar has been involved in the political sphere of the Bahamas for some time; he was formerly the president of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and has served on numerous boards of directors.

Friend and former Student Agencies colleague, David Lesser (BS ’87, MBA ‘88) reflects back on his time working with D’Aguilar. “I met Dio working on a team project in an investing class. He introduced me to Student Agencies and ultimately convinced me to apply to become the CFO which was a life changing experience for me. He was a great role model and teacher as he went on to complete the 5-year program with the Johnson School - another path I followed.”

The SAF family wants to congratulate D’Aguilar on his new position as mayor of Freetown and member of parliament. We look forward to seeing all that he accomplishes moving forward.

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