Q&A with Cornellian Editor in Chief Tara Sarkar

Hi Tara, can you tell me a little about your responsibilities as Editor In Chief of the Cornellian yearbook?

Tara Sarkar ('17): My main responsibilities are centered around leading my talented and dedicated editorial staff in creating a book that will rekindle treasured memories and capture the life and spirit of the undergraduate Cornell experience. This job typically starts with hiring and training a new editorial staff, which consists of photographers, copywriters, page designers and assistant managers. I also plan everything, which comes down to deciding exactly what content will be published on every page of the 456-page book.

How does this year’s yearbook compare to previous editions?

I am in a unique position this year in my role as Editor In Chief because this is my 2nd year in the position. Last year, I led my team in creating an Art Deco themed book that was released to the senior class last year. This year, I am going for a look that is even more clean, fresh and aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity.

What are your specific goals for this year’s book?

Over the past couple years, the yearbook team has strived to create a valuable time-piece that can also serve as a coffee table book. This year will be no different. This book will remind Cornellians of the ups and the downs, the smiles and the laughs, and the friends and education that this great institution gave them the opportunity to have.

Can you describe the cover?

The 2017 Cornellian Yearbook cover is very different from recent Cornellian covers and especially different from last year’s, which was my goal. To start, this cover will be white instead of the typical black, gray or red. This cover will also have cut outs around the “CORNELL” letters so the colored pictures of Cornell’s most iconic spots will actually be printed on the first page of the book when you lift open the hard cover.

Where can I buy this year’s Cornellian?

It can be purchased online at www.cornellyearbook.com. More information about the pricing of the book as well as updates in the creative design will be posted on this website as well as on our Facebook page. If you have questions, contact us at cornellian@studentagencies.com.


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