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Madi Lieber (ILR '17)

SAP and SAI Board Member 

Madi is currently the Program Manager for Learning & Development within Google Cloud Support, based out of Seattle, WA.


Prior to moving to Seattle, she worked as a Technical Solutions Consultant and Associate Account Strategist within Google, supporting high spend customers within the Google Ads ecosystem. 


While at Cornell, she studied Industrial and Labor Relations, with a minor Business (ILR '17). She began her time at SAI as the General Manager for Campus Promotions in 2015, before becoming President in 2016. During her presidency, she supported the build out of the eHub space and the accompanying organizational changes for SAI. Following her Presidency, she remained involved as the Redevelopment Coordinator throughout 2017. 


Since then, she has stayed engaged as a Student Agencies Foundation member (June '17), Student Agencies Properties Board Member (Sept '17), and Student Agencies, Inc. Board Member (June '19). 

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