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Greg Thomas (’93 MBA '10)

SAF Trustee


Greg Thomas '93, MBA '10 is the Chief Administrative Officer, Global Strategy and New Ventures at State Street Bank. In his role, he manages the annual goals for the company and provides regular updates on key strategic initiatives and overall corporate performance to the Management Committee and Board of Directors. Prior to State Street, Greg worked at Fidelity Investments as Vice President, Strategic Measurement and Analysis; at Palladium as Vice President and Head of Retail and Consumer Brands; and at Sapient as Program Manager. As an undergraduate at Cornell, Greg majored in Economics and served as CFO of Student Agencies and Real Estate Manager in 1992 and 1993.

Greg stated that "being CFO of SAI equipped me with incredible real world business and financial skills that complimented my Cornell education. I have a tremendous passion for the company and am looking forward to my role as a guide and mentor to the next generation of business leaders.

Greg rejoined Student Agencies in June of 2015 as a member of the SAI Board of Directors and will work with other dedicated Cornell alumni to support the long-term growth of the company and fulfillment of the mission.

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