October 11, 2017

Karly Krasnow ('18), a Communication major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is the Editor in Chief for the sesquicentennial edition of the Cornellian yearbook.

How did you get interested in design?

I’ve been involved in design since 7th grade when I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to enhance my pho...

 Hi Nick, how did you first get involved in SAI?  

I applied for Big Red and Hired Hands my freshmen year and was ultimately rejected from both in the final round of the interview process. I came out again my sophomore year and was hired as one of the general managers for Big Red.  

How has SAI shaped your experie...

Hi Audrey, how did you first get involved in SAI?

Freshman year, I arrived on campus as most freshmen do - eager and confused. I was a Biological Engineering major with hopes of medical school, excited to embark on my challenging road ahead and looking for something to complement my academics. I reached out to two family fri...

Hi Griffin, how did you first get involved in SAI?  

I first became involved with SAI when I spoke to someone in my fraternity who worked at one of the businesses, who then introduced me to Madi Leiber, the president at the time. The former CFO was in my business fraternity, as well, so she was very keen on endorsing th...

 Hi Tara, can you tell me a little about your responsibilities as Editor In Chief of the Cornellian yearbook?

Tara Sarkar ('17): My main responsibilities are centered around leading my talented and dedicated editorial staff in creating a book that will rekindle treasured memories and capture the life and spirit of the underg...

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