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SAF supports Cornell campus-wide initiatives that advance entrepreneurial learning

eHub works to create the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders:

  • a premier program designed to foster, encourage, and support entrepreneurship among Cornell students, alumni, faculty, and staff

  • incredible facilities are the epicenter for entrepreneurial “doing” with cross-campus support and leadership


The ideas and enthusiasm found among the entrepreneurial and business community at Cornell are limitless. But the reality is that there are limited space and resources for student entrepreneurs to grow and scale their ideas and companies.  To meet this critical need, SAF, in partnership with Cornell, created eHub; the place where Cornell students gather to learn, meet, and do entrepreneurship.

The eHub space in Collegetown houses eLab and Student Agencies, Inc. (SAI). The Kennedy Hall space includes offices for Entrepreneurship at Cornell, as well as spaces for group meetings, conferences, events, classes, presentations and open areas for discussions and planning. Both spaces are open to all students across the Cornell campus.


SAF has been a long-time supporter of Entrepreneurship at Cornell, a university-wide initiative to promote entrepreneurship education, experiential learning, activities, and events.  SAF provides funding for a variety of Entrepreneurship at Cornell projects and events, including being the underwriting sponsor for the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Annual Celebration and the lead sponsor for the Entrepreneurship Summit.




The Student Agencies Foundation sponsors the Entrepreneurship at Cornell Annual Celebration. This highly anticipated two-day, campus-wide event that unites more than 700 entrepreneurially minded students, alumni, faculty, and staff to share ideas, information, and inspiration via networking, panel discussions, and presentations. 


The Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit NYC is a one-day marquee event at the Times Center in the heart of New York City, open to anyone interested in entrepreneurship.  The 2018 Summit featured Robert Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot and GE Power Systems, Hayley Barna, founder of Birchbox and partner at First Round Capital, and Barry Beck ('90), co-founder and COO of Bluemercury.


The Student-Run Business Association (SRBA) formed in late 2018 to provide the resources and connections for student-run business programs to prepare the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Specifically, the Association strives to promote, connect, and cultivate the student-run businesses. Student Agencies played an integral role in the formation of the SRBA by providing leadership and financial support.  

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